Fit After 50 is a 3
phase at-home workout system.

Each workout is recorded in follow-along-video format so all you have to do is try and keep up with Mark and you’ll see results.

And it doesn’t matter where you’re starting from or what kind of shape you’re in now. Men from every walk of life and every size and shape have used Fit After 50 to transform their body and life using this program.

Here’s What You’ll Get
Inside Fit After 50…

Phase 1: Burn
(weeks 1-4)


This first phase is meant to ease your body into its new muscle building environment by stimulating “sensory cells” found in your muscles, tendons and joints. This creates a mind-muscle connection in the body so it functions with ease during your Fit After 50 workouts and in everyday life.

In Phase I, you’ll activate your entire muscular system without overtaxing your body. Plus, you’ll perform functional cardio movements that increase fat loss and upgrade your metabolism so you burn calories around the clock.

Phase 2: Build
(weeks 5-8)


As the name implies, this phase is all about building your physique. In this 4-week training block, you’ll experience a fresh surge of muscle growth and strength that makes you feel like a jock again.

Plus, in Phase II, your T-levels will take flight. You’ll feel your passion kick in and your partner will definitely notice. Your muscles will look pumped all day long and your midsection will get tighter and more rock hard.

Phase 3: Sculpt
(weeks 9-12)


Congratulations! You made it through the first two phases of this program— you have impressive new muscle, functional strength, and your T is pumping at an exciting rate. Now it’s time to gently kick it up a notch using my “double stimulus” muscle-building and fat-burning technique.

In Phase III, you’ll begin to see even more defined lines in your abs and gain more lean muscle to show off. Plus, sleep better, enjoy all-day energy and likely have a newfound sense of bulletproof confidence too. The end result— feeling like a whole new man: with a powerful, lean and high-performing physique… and the best years of life still ahead.


Plus Bonuses
Absolutely FREE!

Bonus 1: Exercise
Illustrations & Execution Guide


If you’re a visual learner, you’ll love this bonus because inside you’ll learn how to perform each move inside the Fit After 50 program to perfection.

The Exercise Illustrations & Execution Guide gives you a step-by-step visual for how to get the most out of each exercise to get lean and build muscle quickly and safely. Plus, I’ve taken special care to make sure this is a high-quality resource. It’s clear, colorful, and so paint by numbers simple you won’t scratch your head once flipping through it. Print it out. Keep it with you while you train.

It’s a great resource that you get free with the program.

Bonus 2: 12 Week Nutrition Plan


Over the next 12-weeks of Fit After 50, you’re going to take your body and performance to the next level. And with the help of this 12-week nutrition plan alongside it, you’ll achieve a body you likely never dreamed possible at your age.

This helpful guide takes all the guesswork out of the kitchen… and helps you get lean, recharge your energy levels, boost T and so much more. Plus, when you eat the scientifically proven “feature foods” clearly listed inside, you’ll unlock new levels of health.

Just make this nutrition plan your new go-to and you’ll look and feel like “you 2.0”.

Bonus 3: Know Your T Levels (testosterone tracker guide)


This simple at-home guide can help you figure out the health of your T levels from home. Think of it like a “progress chart” for your master male helper. Just like you will be able to record the progress you’re making with your Fit After 50 workouts from week to week, this guide will help you keep tabs on your t-levels as they go up and up!

With the “Know My T-Levels” free bonus you’ll be able to monitor your progress so you know what routines and foods are helping you truly maximize your male helper so you can continue climbing “T” Mountain.

Exclusive Members
Facebook Support Group

When you sign up for the Fit After 50 program you’ll gain access to an exclusive members-only Facebook support group where you can interact with myself and other men just like you who are using Fit After 50 to get in fantastic shape.

Inside this brotherhood, you’ll build a strong bond with the other members, encourage one another, inspire one another, and keep each other motivated to achieve the results you want. I’m also in there answering questions and shooting videos for the other members as well.

Facebook updates.

24-7 Support
& Assistance!

When you sign up for the Fit After 50 program, you aren’t “on your own” like with so many other programs. You can email us anytime for support and assistance… whether it’s inside the Facebook group or you’d like to speak with a member of our friendly customer service team.