Fit After 50

With These New At Home Metabolic Strength Conditioning Movements It’s Possible To Sculpt
A Lean & Muscular Body At ANY Age!
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Fit After 50 is Mark Mcilyar’s revolutionary new fitness
method for getting in amazing shape regardless of age.

It uses metabolic strength conditioning… which is a science-backed combination of strength training with a very specific rep and rest scheme… to help build muscle and burn fat at the same time. This method also activates up to 72-hours of post-exercise fat burn that continues throughout each day for up to 3 days, even while at rest.


What is Fit After 50?

Boost T, Get Lean, And Feel Younger…

Fit After 50 is a complete at home workout system designed to help boost T, get lean, sculpt rock-hard muscle, combat aches and pains, and help men perform better no matter how many candles are on the birthday cake.

This system takes you through 3 phases to unlock the body’s natural re-sculpting power for fast and noticeable results. You’ll also learn simple lifestyle tweaks and strategies to support your transformation and stay in great shape.

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Here Are The Benefits
You Can Expect…

Fat Loss

Metabolic Strength Conditioning is a science-backed combination of strength training with a very specific set and rep scheme to help build muscle and burn fat at the same time.

This method also activates up to 72-hours of post-exercise fat burn that continues even when laying around the house or sleeping.*

Build Lean
Muscle & Strength

With Metabolic Strength Conditioning it’s possible to sculpt lean muscle and strength without the gym or expensive equipment.

And this newfound muscle and strength will help you dominate outdoor work projects, crush your hobbies, and perform like a well-oiled machine thanks to this unique at-home protocol.*

Energy Levels

Metabolic Strength Conditioning won’t drain your body of energy like other forms of traditional exercise (running on the treadmill, lifting super-heavy weights).

Instead, this protocol will initiate a steady flow of all-day energy and reduce fatigue to get more done during the day no matter the age.*

Youthful T-levels

Studies show this combination of at-home movements can increase T-levels in men. Certain forms of exercise can decrease T. Not the case with Metabolic Strength Training.

This at-home method supports youthful T-levels to further help build muscle, burn fat, feel energetic, and keep your wife or girlfriend happy.*


The latest research shows the unique combination of movements inside Fit After 50 is a powerful formula to support vitality.

It does this by boosting your cell’s mitochondria production which helps keep one feeling young and healthy inside and out regardless of age.*

Reduce Aches
And Pains

Harvard Medical School shows this training style can help reduce pain. Think of the different parts of your body like the hinge on a door. If it never moves, it’ll rust. If you swing it open too hard, eventually it’ll bust… but if you gently move it, it’ll last a long time.

Plus, if you suffer from aches and pains or old injuries, these carefully selected exercises can help minimize its interruptions in daily life.*

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client. client.

I have been working on getting back in shape for years now. I started the Fit after 50 at the beginning 2020 and have dropped 30 pounds. It has really helped me lean out and get in shape. The before photo is from 2017. Baby steps is what it takes.

If I can do this at 58, anyone can do this.

- John W, 58 years old.

client. client.

Finished FAF 50. I had 4 goals for this program. 3 were achievable and the 4th will happen. Goal 1 - feel good -- achieved. Goal 2 - get my blood work in line for my physical - achieved that as not 1 item tested was out of line and my overall cholesterol is 100 - and almost a perfect split between the good and bad cholesterol. Goal 3 - started at 273 pounds and wanted to hit 235 by the time I had my annual morephysical last week. I am at 227 so that was achieved. Goal 4 - I want to get down to 195lbs.

I will be doing the last 2 weeks of Phases 1, 2 and 3 before starting Phase 4. With good dieting I have a shot at hitting that by the end of Phase 4. I loved the program loved Phases 1 and 2 and despite knee issues and weak hips, survived Day 5 of Phase 3.

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Henry M.

I've tried losing weight over the years. Never got very far and it came back. Fit After 50 was what I needed. I combined the program with a low carb diet. I did each of the phases for 2 months rather than 1. I have lost 28 lbs. and gained strength. It was slow and gradual but I think that is what it takes. Be consistent, be patient. By the way, I am way after 50--79 going on 80 in January. If I can do it you young guys can, too.

- Terry N.

I’m 58 and haven’t been able to stick with an exercise program in decades, until this one. Some of the others were made for younger kids and I couldn’t keep up.

This one is challenging enough for me, and it works. I’m down 24 pounds and plan to keep going.

- Mark

I'm currently in the last phase of the program. The workouts were tough in the beginning, but with time and commitment, I have seen great results and feel much stronger !

I'm in the process of acquiring the next stage of the program. Awesome !

- Joel W.

A great combination of strength and cardio that can be done at home with minimal equipment. I have a full gym in my basement including Olympic weights, bars, and a full squat rack. But for this you just need some dumbbells and resistance bands and determination. Challenging for all fitness levels and highly recommended. With video reviews of all exercises it’s like having Mark right there with you!

- Ray O.

It is a good program to get me started on the road to a better life!!

- Clarence H.

Enjoyed the program. Laid out nicely and mixed up well for muscle confusion.

Bought the video illustration package as well which was very worthwhile. Just bought Phase IV and am looking forward to it.

- Don

On my third week of the program and so far so good.

I've dropped 10 lbs and starting to feel better over all.

- Stefan W.

I finally did it; I pulled the scale out of the closet, checked the batteries (I didn't like what it told me the last time, so I chalked it up to low power) and stepped up. A little let down to see to weight not make the nosedive I was hoping for. June 21 I was 228#, this morning I was 223#. I did see a BF% drop from more38.8 to 32.9 over the same time frame. Clothes are looser (3" off the waist), a LG t-shirt doesn't cling to me like a long lost relative, and my resting heart rate has dropped from 66 to 59. Plus, quality time with the Queen is....much improved!
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- Tom B.

client. client.

Ok FA50 Phase 1 Burn complete. Stayed with Diet and lost 16 lbs. 208 at the start, now 192 at 6ft tall..

Ps I'm 60 yrs old. Starting Phase 2 Monday.

- Randy M, 60 years old.

Program works great. two weeks in and already lost 8 lbs. and shaping up. Before, the only way I could lose weight was to run 2 mile every day and do impossible diets. getting older I could not keep this up. This program lets you eat well and doesn't drag you down. It makes you feel better and pumped.

This is also perfect for working on the road, it doesn't take that long and no special equipment is needed, I pack my bands with me and use the Motel dumbbells'' when away. Thanks again this program is perfect

- Danny P.

I love this program! You do old school weight training along with some nuances. The workouts are in your living room or garage with simple equipment and not needing to visit a gym or expensive machines. Mark Mcilyar, the trainer, is extremely effective and likeable, easily relating to the person doing the workout. This is an easy 5 star program for us older guys!

- Dan T.

I have been doing the FA50 program for a couple of months but this is my first post. I am 6’ 3'' tall and weighed 240 lbs when I started the program.After completing phase 2 I had to have surgery on my left hand, just three days ago, and will have to postpone phase 3 for several months while the hand heals up. I plan to keep following the meal plan, nutrition plan and doing whatever workouts I can once my stitches heal and morethe doctor says it’s ok. I just wanted to let everyone know that this plan is so awesome. Since starting just over 2 months ago I have lost 45 lbs, hit my target weight of 195 and I feel like I’m 30 again. I have so much energy I don’t know what to do with it all. Can’t wait to get healed up so I can get back at it. Thanks to the Anabolic Tribe team for creating such an awesome program.
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- Leonard M.

The workouts were good and not super crazy but a little challenging- basic push pull and cardio. Nothing that risks injury at an older age (I'm 47) . Of course it's all for naught if you don't diet. I did just the workouts and really didn't lose a lot of weight (5 lbs or so) but certainly gained muscle and changed my physique a little, bigger arms and chest etc. I Will consider phase V.

- Erik T.

Just wanted to share a win! I haven't been following the program perfectly, but I've been doing pretty well. This is my second time through it. I wanted to share that I'm at my LOWEST weight in well over a decade as of my morning weigh-in today! Keep after it, this stuff works!

- Shawn

Using this program has helped me improve my condition medically and physically.

I have dropped 28 pounds, my blood levels have returned to healthy values and I have more energy.

- Greg W.

Phase 3 completed for FA50 today. Really enjoyed the programme. Was tight 36" waist now nearly happy to be in 32" waist trousers. Wish I had taken a photo of before I started but my wife says there is a big difference in me, and she is happy. I have phase 4 and also the warrior package. So phase 4 first. All the best to everyone taking part. I have been taking the reload for 2 weeks, sleeping alot better and muscle definition coming on.

- Steve H.

After starting my 4th week of Phase 1,I was able to get 20 push ups per set and 25 reps for all other exercises. When I first started I could only do 10-11 push ups.

I have become stronger both in body and mind, after only three weeks. I am so grateful for this program.

- Martin S.

So far I love the structure of the program.

It is easy to follow and perform the well laid out exercises.

- Andrew C.

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